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Dog Toy Subscriptions: Monthly Surprises to Keep Your Pup Entertained

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Monthly Surprises to Keep Your Pup Entertained

Keeping your dog entertained and engaged can be a challenging task, especially if they quickly tire of their toys. A dog toy subscription service offers a convenient and exciting solution, delivering new and innovative toys directly to your doorstep each month.

These subscriptions not only keep your pup entertained but also ensure they always have fresh and stimulating playthings.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of dog toy subscriptions, how they work, and some top recommendations to consider for your furry friend.

Benefits of Dog Toy Subscription Services

  1. Continuous Variety: Regularly receiving new toys prevents boredom and keeps your dog interested and engaged.
  2. Convenience: Automatic deliveries mean you never have to worry about running out of toys or making last-minute trips to the pet store.
  3. Customization: Many subscription services tailor their offerings based on your dog’s size, breed, and play preferences.
  4. Cost-Effective: Subscriptions often provide high-quality toys at a lower cost than buying individually, offering great value for money.
  5. Discovery: Introduce your dog to new types of toys and brands you might not have found otherwise.

How Dog Toy Subscription Services Work

  1. Sign Up: Choose a subscription service and sign up by providing information about your dog, such as their size, age, and play style.
  2. Customization: Many services allow you to customize your subscription based on your dog’s preferences and any specific needs they may have.
  3. Monthly Deliveries: Receive a box of toys (and often treats or other goodies) delivered to your door each month.
  4. Enjoy and Repeat: Let your dog enjoy their new toys, and look forward to the next delivery for continued fun and excitement.

Top Dog Toy Subscription Services

1. BarkBox

Description: One of the most popular subscription services, BarkBox delivers themed boxes each month filled with toys, treats, and chews.


  • Themed Boxes: Each month features a unique theme, such as “Space Camp” or “Safari”.
  • Customization: Options for different dog sizes and dietary preferences.
  • Durability: Super Chewer option for dogs that need tougher toys.
2. Bullymake Box

Description: Designed specifically for power chewers, Bullymake Box provides durable toys that can withstand even the toughest jaws.


  • Tough Toys: Focus on durability with toys made from rubber, nylon, and ballistic materials.
  • Treats Included: In addition to toys, each box includes healthy, allergy-friendly treats.
  • Customization: Tailored to your dog’s size and chewing habits.
3. Pet Treater

Description: Offers a mix of toys, treats, and grooming products, making it a well-rounded option for your dog’s overall wellbeing.


  • Variety: Includes toys, treats, accessories, and grooming items.
  • Cost-Effective: Often more affordable than other subscription boxes.
  • Personalization: Boxes can be customized based on your dog’s size and preferences.
4. PupBox

Description: Ideal for puppies, PupBox provides age-specific toys and training tips to support your dog’s development.


  • Age-Specific Items: Toys and treats suited to your puppy’s developmental stage.
  • Training Support: Includes training guides and tips.
  • Quality Products: High-quality toys designed for growing puppies.
5. Pooch Perks

Description: Delivers a variety of premium toys and treats, with options to customize based on your dog’s size and preferences.


  • Premium Quality: Focus on high-quality, durable toys and healthy treats.
  • Customization: Tailored to your dog’s size, allergies, and preferences.
  • Flexible Plans: Various subscription plans to fit different budgets and needs.

How to Choose the Right Dog Toy Subscription

  1. Understand Your Dog’s Play Style: Choose a subscription that matches your dog’s preferences, whether they love to chew, fetch, or solve puzzles.
  2. Consider Durability: For heavy chewers, opt for subscriptions that offer tougher, more durable toys.
  3. Look for Customization: Select a service that allows you to customize based on your dog’s size, breed, and any dietary restrictions.
  4. Check Reviews: Read customer reviews to gauge the quality and reliability of the service.
  5. Evaluate Cost: Compare the cost of the subscription to the value provided, ensuring it fits within your budget.


Dog toy subscription services offer a convenient and exciting way to keep your pup entertained with a continuous variety of toys.

By delivering high-quality, tailored toys directly to your door each month, these services ensure your dog always has something new to play with. Whether you have a power chewer or a playful pup, there’s a subscription box out there to meet your needs.

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