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kongs wobbler review how good is this toy

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how good is this toy

Kong Wobbler is a new toy that has been making waves in the pet toy world. Is this toy good enough to rule the playground? Let’s find out in this kongs wobbler review!

What is the Kong Wobbler?

The Kong wobbler is a classic toy that has been around for years. It is a toy that can keep your dog entertained and occupied. The Kong wobbler is also an excellent toy for training your dog. This toy can be used as a fetch toy or to help teach your dog obedience commands.

This toy is made of rubber and can be filled with treats or kibble. The Kong wobbler can also play tug of war with your dog. The Kong wobbler is also an excellent toy for playing catch with your dog.

Some people say that the Kong wobbler is not big enough to provide hours of entertainment for their dogs, while others say it is one of the best toys they have ever bought for their dogs.

Features of the Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is a toy that many parents may be familiar with. It is a small, soft toy that can be bounced around and played with by children. The Kong Wobbler has several features that make it a good choice for playtime in the playground.

First, the Kong Wobbler is small enough to fit into tight spaces. This makes it easy for children to carry it around and use it anywhere they want. Second, the Kong Wobbler is bouncy and fun to bounce around.

This keeps children entertained while they are waiting in line or playing outside. Third, the Kong Wobbler is made from soft, gentle materials on the skin. This means that children can safely play with it without fear of getting hurt.

How to Play with the Kong Wobbler

When it comes to playtime, there’s just something about the Kong Wobbler that makes it irresistible. This toy is designed to keep your little one entertained for hours, and its simple yet engaging design is sure to please.

To start playing with the Kong Wobbler, you’ll need some basic supplies: a large enough container to fit the wobbler inside, some plastic or rubber balls, and an open mind. Put the wobbler in the container and fill it with as many balls as comfortably fit. Give your child a few minutes to explore and figure out how to use the Kong Wobbler before letting them start playing.

The Kong Wobbler is easy enough for kids of all ages to use. Hold one of the ends of the wobbler in one hand and press down on the other so that it pops open. The ball will fall into one of two compartments – either on top or bottom – and your child can then take possession of the wobbling ball by pressing down on both ends again until it closes back up.

Your child can play with the Kong Wobbler in several ways: bounce it around like a rubber ball, flip it over so that the other side becomes a platform from which to jump off, or try different combinations of moves to see which one result in the ball bouncing highest. The possibilities are endless!


As a parent, you know that one of the best ways to keep your kids entertained is by providing them with quality toys. Kong wobbler is one such toy, and after testing it out myself, this bouncy plaything is good enough to rule the playground. It’s easy to set up and durable, so your little ones will have plenty of fun bouncing around for hours.

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